Cab title

24 Hours
9400 Francs CFA
Authorization to use a cab

Urban Transport Department
If you have all the documents listed below, complete the process online


1. Submission of the paperwork to the Urban Transport Department.

2. The Head office proceeds to a verification and issues a door number.

Useful information

Is the process mandatory? Yes 

Validity of the procedure : Indefinite, however you have to pay 4500 FCFA per month to keep the door number

Any Prerequisite? No

What are the supporting documents?

Vehicle registration, sticker, vehicle insurance, technical visit, car body and Registration to Social Security Nationa Fund.

Where can the procedure be carried out?

City of Niamey (City Hall)

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday from: 08:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday from: 08 am to 1 pm


Email : [email protected]

Shipping address